COVID-19The current COVID-19 pandemic may affect certain non-immigrants and immigrants planning to travel to the United States sometime in the near future. Travelers on student or work visas may have to change plans or quarantine if the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) imposes travel restrictions and quarantine requirements.

Covid-related travel restrictions concern two main areas:

1. Entering the U.S. A traveler must verify whether he/she is allowed to enter the U.S. at all. For example, CDC prohibits travelers from China, Iran, European Schengen areas, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, and Brazil from entering the U.S. See CDC announcement here: There are potential exceptions to the prohibitations, and waivers may be available. However, depending on the traveler’s background, purpose of entering the U.S., types of visas used, these travel restrictions could vary greatly. An experienced immigration attorney in Scottsdale inhabitants already trust offers some legal advice for nonimmigrants and immigrants traveling to today.
2. Entering to another country. A traveler must verify whether his/her destination country has imposed any travel and quarantine requirements. Most countries would require travelers from the U.S., regardless of citizenship, to quarantine for at least 14 days at the traveler’s own expenses.

Check the CDC Website Often for Up-to-Date Information on Travel Bans

As the pandemic continues to spread across this nation and around the world, more
countries are severely limiting travel for their citizens and for immigrants seeking to enter the United States.

It is crucial for any immigrant intending to travel into the United States to check often with the CDC website to ensure that they have the most recent and valid travel ban and Visa information. See:

As areas become hotspots for new COVID-19 cases, every city, county, and state is closely monitoring the situation. States will impose more travel bans and Visa restrictions as needed depending on many factors according to a group of dedicated immigration attorneys in Scottsdale AZ.

New Visa Restrictions & Travel Bans Are Impacting the Courts

As a direct result of the ongoing worldwide COVID-19 crisis, new visa restrictions and more travel bans are impacting the courts in almost every region of the United States.
This means that the usual slow process of getting or continuing certain Visa related school and work permission deadlines has slowed to a crawl and most have stopped altogether.

This confusing process can be made easier by consulting a knowledgeable and committed immigration attorney Scottsdale AZ located immigrants and their families are welcome to call for further details.

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