US Citizenship and Immigration ServicesIt is possible to invest in multiple businesses and obtain an E2 investor visa if you follow these steps.

Your E2 visa is linked to only one company (your E2 company). However, your E2 company may own or have ownership interests in multiple companies, which will allow you to diversify your investment and create a greater economic impact in the economy. There are many financial benefits to investing in more than one business in addition to the E2 visa. You will want to be sure that your business interests and investments satisfy all of the requirements to qualify.

Only one application form is necessary, and it’s essential to include all of the relevant details and documentation for every separate business you will be investing in for profit. While the process of investing in these businesses and obtaining an E2 visa can be cumbersome, there are resources available to help. JCL Immigration Attorneys can help with the process, and if you are in Arizona, a Scottsdale immigration attorney is an excellent resource.

The E2 nonimmigrant classification may allow a national of a country where the United States maintains a treaty of commerce and navigation to quality for E2 Treaty Investor status. See this link for an up-to-date list posted on Department of State’s website:

You will want to note that there are no exact type of businesses or a set amount of required amount of capital for investments. In addition, there are a few requirements that your investment must meet for the E2 qualification:

Your investment must be in a legitimate and legal business, and the investment should be substantial. Only legal businesses under federal law are allowed. Legal businesses under state law but not federal law will not be permitted (e.g. marijuana dispensary or farm). The business should be an active entrepreneurial or commercial enterprise that will produce profitable goods and services. You will also need to produce a 5-year business plan for verification.

Your investment must be in a new business or existing enterprise, and it must be substantial. Investor visa attorneys in Scottsdale AZ can assist and answer your investment questions.

You will want to have the investment funds in your possession, and they must be committed fully to the business. The investment will also be subject to loss, either partial or total, if the business venture fails. Business immigration attorneys in Scottsdale AZ can be a wonderful resource to turn to for all of the necessary details in meeting the E2 qualification.

Your primary purpose for coming to the US must be to develop and direct the business or businesses. Your investment should be at least 50% of the business, or you must have operational control within the company.

You will be required to provide information on the source of your investment funds. Ensure that your funds have a legitimate source, as well as paths of coming to your account or the business account in the US

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