us and canadaCanadians have the privilege to engage in business in the U.S either by purchasing or establishing a business with the E-2 visa. Our Immigration lawyer AZ from JCL Immigration Attorneys has enough experience to guide you and answer all your questions regarding E2 visas.

Below is some information to give you insights into the mandatory requirements for an E2 visa qualification.

Can an individual apply for the visa before purchasing or establishing a business?

The law requires the investor to commit to the business, meaning that the investment amount must be at risk. Having money in your personal or business account is not proof of a business or commitment of the investment; the business has to be existing, meaning you have either purchased the business or established one. Or your business must be on the verge of opening. For example, you have rented the space for a restaurant, purchased all the equipment and furniture, obtained the requisite licenses, and you are only waiting for the E-2 visa to open the restaurant. Failure to meet this requirement serves as a ground for denial of a visa. In case you need guidance on how to establish or purchase a business in the United States, please contact an Immigration lawyer Scottsdale for guidance.

What does it mean by E2 active commercial enterprise?

An active commercial enterprise requirement means that; the business you have purchased or established has to deal with tangible services or goods and not speculative. In additional, passive investment is not considered an active business for E-2 visa purposes.

What qualifies as a substantial investment?

There are no legal provisions regarding a substantial investment. To learn more on the minimum estimate investment required of you, reach out to our Immigration lawyer AZ. In general, the information you need to have about E2 visas is broad. Please contact our Immigration lawyer Scottsdale AZ for any questions you would possibly have.

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