immigration ordersPresident Biden issued five executive orders pertaining to immigration. They are the following:

The Executive Order Protecting the DACA Program.

According to this order, the Department of Homeland Security or DHS must strengthen the Obama program known as “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” that prevents the removal of some immigrants brought to the United States as minors. Employers of DACA-recipients receive relief based on this program, and the recipients receive protection against deportation.

The Executive Order on the Ban against Immigration and Travel from Certain Muslim Countries.

The countries on this list of banned countries include Tanzania, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Nigeria, Eritrea, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, Iraq, Iran and Syria. President Biden lifted this ban the first day that he arrived in office.Individuals from these countries may now travel to the U.S. if they otherwise qualify for visas.

Executive Order against the Deportation of Liberians.

This executive order adds another year to the “deferred enforced departure” of Liberian nationals. These people may remain in their jobs until June 30, 2022.

Executive Order that Sends Money for the Border Wall to Other Areas.

The money that was designated for the construction of the border wall will be designated for border security that will be based on smart technology.

Executive Order Pertaining to Immigration Enforcement.

This order will discontinue certain controversial immigration enforcement actions, such as requiring law enforcement agencies to help enforce immigration laws and hiring new ICE agents.

Executive Order Stopping the Trump Administration’s In-Process Rules and Regulations.

The final rules that were sent to the Federal Registrar must be reviewed before they can be published. Some of these rules pertain to immigration.

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