u.s citizenIf you want to start the process of becoming a US citizen, below are some mandatory steps to continue on the path to citizenship. It would be ideal to meet with an immigration attorney in Scottsdale where he can guide you through these important steps.

Submit the Naturalization Application

You will need to submit an N-400 naturalization application. It is a lengthy application with a lot of questions about your residence and employment history. It also asks a lot of questions about your international travel, any prior arrest and conviction of any crime. It is important to complete the application fully and correctly. If you have been arrested or convicted of any crime, it is important to consult with an attorney prior to submitting your application to ensure that you are not putting your green card at risk by applying for naturalization.

Get Fingerprinted

Go to the appointment for fingerprints. This is very important and necessary. Once this is done, USCIS will run your fingerprints through a number of databases in order to verify your background and any arrest and conviction history. USCIS will send you the date, time, and location of your fingerprint appointment. To continue with the naturalization application, this step has to be done.

Prepare For Questions

At the citizenship interview, you will be asked questions about the history and politics of the United States. There are many resources for studying for this exam. On the USCIS home page, they have 100 questions that you can study.On the day of the interview, the immigration officer will ask you 10 questions from the 100 question, and you must answer at least 7 questions correctly. It is very important to study in order to answer the questions correctly. Otherwise, your application will not be approved. An immigration attorney Scottsdale AZ will help you go through the questions and answers.

Attend The Interview

The USCIS office will send you the date for your citizenship appointment after reviewing your case. As explained, in this interview you will be asked about your knowledge of the United States. It is highly recommended to be fully prepared for the interview by studying the questions and not to miss the appointment. A Scottsdale AZ naturalization attorney will accompany you to the interview if you so choose.

The Result at the End of the Citizenship Interview

At your appointment, they will let you know if they will grant you citizenship, or they will ask you for more information or they can also reject your case. Your case may be rejected if it is determined that, for any reason, you are not eligible for citizenship. In this case, you can seek the help of your attorney to find out whether the application can be saved.

Appointment For Oath

On certain occasions, if other approved citizens are taking their oath on the day of your appointment, you may be able to take your oath to the United States that same day. However, in most cases, you will have to wait. You will be notified of the day, date, and time of your oath ceremony, which may be 1 to 2 months after your citizenship interview.


If you want help preparing for the U.S. citizenship process and test, it is important to first speak to a law firm such as the Law Office of Jared Leung. It is better to be prepared than to go through the process, not knowing what to expect.

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